Episode 7: We Want to Dispel the Fear

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Breast cancer survivor Cynthia Lopez Jones experienced a career limiting injury at the age of 50 that caused her to retire from her profession as an anesthesiologist. Following her retirement she provided support and patient advocacy for both her father and husband as they battled cancer. She also became a Master Gardener, serving as president of the 400 member Dallas County Master Gardener Association. In 2018 Cynthia was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. Today she is healthy and active and dedicated to pursuing a goal of providing support and advocacy to low income and Hispanic women with breast cancer. With her message of comfort in patients’ native language, her medical training and her personal story, she can help women see that “Cancer does not rob you of life as you knew it.”

Lakewood Elementary Master Gardener Project

Making Strides of North Texas


Episode 6: Solar Panels and the Best Seats in the House

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Keven Ann Willey, a retired journalist, and Georges Badoux, a retired chef and restaurateur, talk about their 26,571 mile year long journey in a 17 ft. travel trailer around the perimeter of the United States. Equipped with solar panels that Georges installed on the roof and a 25 gallon water tank, they were freed from the tyranny of electrical and water hook ups, frequently avoiding the more costly and crowded RV parks and ‘boondocking’ in beautiful pastures, scenic parks and deserted beaches with all the comforts of home. They learned that “you don’t have to pay more to get the good seats”. Throughout it all Georges prepared 5 star meals on a tiny 2 burner stove. Keven and Georges chronicle their heartwarming story of encountering an immense diversity of people, cultures, foods and scenery, told with humor mixed with awe and beautiful photographs, at their website “Postcards from the Perimeter: A Year on the Edges of America.”

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Episode 5: It Has to Come from Within You

Norm Diamond talks about a life changing leap from a career in medicine to a new vocation as a professional art photographer. He describes the surprising transferable skill set developed in over 30 years of practice as an interventional radiologist where “it’s all about the image”, and tells of how his projects, so distinct on the surface, all touch on themes of memory, loss, and mortality. Norm reflects on his transformative journey from an intensely stressful medical specialty requiring some emotional distance from his patients, to the discovery that art photography is not only a long held passion but the medium for reconnecting with himself.


Episode 4: Chickens and the Field of Possibility

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In 2016 Shelly Kacergis traveled to Meru, Kenya on a life altering cultural exchange program. That trip led the commercial bank risk management executive to donate chickens to 20 Meru village women. As the women tended their flocks and sent their children to school with their earnings, back at work Shelly realized that she had been profoundly changed by the experience. She retired in 2017, aggressively ramped up her tennis game, cleaned out her closets, and went on the hunt for rewarding non-profit work, hoping to identify opportunities focused on economic empowerment for women. As the universe would have it, Shelly found that when she was able to let go and open herself up to “the field of possibility” things started to flow in and “without trying I have landed just the right thing.”

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Additional Resources

Global Heart Journeys: globalheartjourneys.net

Amani Women Center: amaniwomencenter.org

Books for Africa: booksforafrica.org


Episode 3: Maybe I Just Owed It

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A retired Director of Manufacturing for a multi-national corporation co-founded a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization to serve impoverished children in Honduras. Peter Borg, pictured with Osman Hope shelter graduate and Honduras university student Esther, touches on familiar themes: coping with being “invited” to retire, the desire to give back and the discovery that the skills developed over the course of a career transfer completely to managing a non-profit organization, as well as the ever-present urge to remain productive and creative in retirement.

Additional Resources:

Osman Hope: osmanhope.org

Habitat for Humanity: www.habitat.org

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Episode 2: Enjoy the World and Improve the World

A retired educator with a passion for nature seeks balance between enjoying the world and improving the world. Kristina Lindborg pushes herself out of her comfort zone and learns how to lobby her elected representatives in Washington D.C.

Additional Resources:

Citizens’ Climate Lobby: https://citizensclimatelobby.org

Interview with Mary Catherine Bateson: https://onbeing.org/programs


Episode 1: How Did you Do That?

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Meet the Wassermans, who share their story of early retirement and the careful research and planning that led them to move to Granada, Spain. Jim and Jiab inform and entertain with regular updates at www.YourThirdLife.com. Their engaging blog is part spreadsheet analytics and part romantic adventure. Listen to the Wassermans as they relate how and why they chose the expat experience, and experience their passionate encouragement to “take your swing”.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites: whc.unesco.org

Expats Blog: An Experience Shared: www.expatsblog.com