The Jubilation Podcast

Every retiree has a transition story, and every transition story is unique.

You may be experiencing a feeling of jubilation and liberation, reveling in the ultimate luxury of free time. Or you may feel like you have just jumped off a cliff. Perhaps you have found the retirement community of your dreams, or learned that there is no place like home. Maybe the bucket list turned out to be a bust.

Come join us at the podcast ‘Jubilation: From Work Life to the Rest of Your Life’ to hear first-hand what other retirees have to say as they hurtle and lurch into retirement, the unknown territory ahead. We will hear stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and ordinary people doing ordinary things with humor, grace and wisdom.

We want to know, what’s your story?

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Alexa Bradford, Host

Alexa retired in 2017 from a career in commercial banking. Listen to the Introduction for the story behind the Jubilation podcast.